Pino Daniele - foto storiche

A voice, a guitar and a bit of blues, rock, soul, funk, Arab sounds, Neapolitan roots, jazz, salsa, samba,  taramblù (that magical place where Robert Johnson met the tarantella), and now also melorock.


Pino Daniele?

The half-black, American of the new Naples that dreamed of watching the nuttata (nightime) pass by, the Latin scoundrel, happy Lazarus blues man, the musician on the road, the neo-madrigalist  songwriter who, during the years when the message was dominant, never put the music in the background despite having things to say, and what things, indeed!

Giuseppe Daniele was  born in 1955 in the historic center of Naples.
Today, he re-begins his career as an  independent recording artist which is what he has always aspired to be and which appears clearer, richer, more complex and different from any routine that has been brought by the satellite dish to  the alleys where the sun never shines on the  hit parade: the Olympia in Paris, Umbria Jazz, the Apollo in New York, the Festival of Varadero in Cuba, stadiums all over Italy, Earth Day at the Circus Maximus, the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago.

Between the seventies and eighties Pino invented a new language, a lingo actually, playing with melodies assimilated in Piazza Santa Maria La Nova, and beautiful stories of munacielli 'mbriane delle zie, rock and jazz like the American dream with the wind of revolution that shook Naples in the years of commitment and  then perished into the reflux.

Like Carosone, he thinks about the American that is in him and his music, using anger instead of irony, an air of capopolo newpolitano instead of mockery, which also permeates his songbook by Masaniello, but not too much. His legendary super group  shows  Italy that in the song there is a competitive South that can speak to the nation as a whole even in dialect marking the culmination of Neapolitan power, but also the end: when the collective dream of Vesuvian pride gives way to solo careers. Daniele takes off, but has already written pages  intended to live on by blending Neapolitan melodies with rock-blues and  protest songs with the Saudade of Vesuvio.

The song title of his debut album, "Terra Mia", 1977, is to the Parthenope as "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie is to  America, with an added suffering and historical awareness that is never self-pity but the song track that opens the album ."Napule è" is something more; it’s the song of a generation, the last hope before the disillusionment, poetry and anger, pain for the impossible dream of a city / country saved by the children, the "criature", and from their  naïve, clean song. And, it is without any doubt, a melody by applause.

In 1979 "Pino Daniele" put together masterpieces such as "Je' sto vicino a te", "Chi tene 'o mare", "Je so' pazzo", "Chillo è  nu buono guaglione", "Ue' man", "Il Mare", "Putesse essere allero", "E cerca ‘e mi capi'" with an inspiration that leaves speechless lucidity and variety while Italian songwriters bend to the message, freeing himself from the stylistic, risking swear words that were transmitted by the radio, and speaking of diversity and ecology issues before they became fashionable. 

The sound is overwhelming and while his fellow songwriters focus only on words, here is endless rhythm, drip groove learnedfrom the American Nato clubs in Naples.

"Nero a metà", a tribute to Mario Musella and his first self-definition in music, a record of great success and  the final crossover between true melodies and rock references applied to describe feelings as in "Alleria" or "Appocundria" before declaring his passion: "A me  me piace ‘o blues”.

In Italy with the political slogans accompanied by forgotten guitars, the train of the  super\group newpolitano made sparks and their Latin blues opened  the legendary Bob Marley concert in San Siro. The apotheosis of that first season, the peak and the end of that  Neapolitan pride recorded on 19th September 1981 in Naples Piazza del Plebiscito, then a parking lot and certainly not the parlor of the city, was filled with two hundred thousand people and no one had known that it would be perhaps the first mega-concert in Italy with Tullio De Piscopo, Joe Amoruso, Rino Zurzolo, Tony Esposito and James Senese lighting up the great, tender, unforgettable night.

But Pino, who also captured that season in another epochal lp such  as  "Vai mò" (1981) and in other songs like "Yes I know my way", "Viento è terra", "Sulo pè parlà" and "Have you seen my shoes", is a restless talent and he needs to look at the world. Naples will always be a part of him  , but his future is now an impressive collection of international collaborations, openings to other sounds and other stories.

"Bella' mbriana" 1982, speaks of forgotten traditions, anticipating the season of world music that would be  involving jazz luminaries such as Wayne Shorter, Alphonso Johnson, continuing to mix Neapolitan, Italian and English: "Tutta 'n'ata storia" and "I Got the Blues" move between monacielli and ancient legends of the city that started with the singing of the sirens. Two years later, "Musicante" met the Brazilian percussion of Nana Vasconcelos, the trumpet of Don Cherry and the therapeutic sounds of Africa, not forgetting the genius loci "Lazzari felici" or the ability to talk about taboo topics-such as smuggling through the hands of the Camorra in "Stella nera".

On stage ,then , no one is  catered to as outlined in "Sciò live" ('84), who shoots the sax solos by Gato Barbieri and  Bob Berg next to a wind session formed by Larry Nocella, Juan Pablo Torres and Adalbert Lara. "Ferry boat" ('95) still looks to the South, "Dance of the baia", brings on board new stellar session men like Steve Gadd and Richard Tee. The Montreux Festival, Canada, the Olympia in Paris, Festival of Varadero in Cuba and the Arena di Verona have opened its doors to the Gulf Stream that comes with Pino, an Italian export, now also a producer, ( "I could not believe I grew up with the myth of "Woodstock" and now I’m working with the man (Richie Havens) of "Freedom" ) in  "Common Ground" ('83).

He explored the streets of blues, jazz-rock, in those years of what was called fusion, and Daniele looked more and more to the sounds of the World. The concerts in France  showed him that there was other music " than the Anglo-American domain and closer to his roots. "Bonne soirèe” (’87)is a Latin, Mediterranean, African, Arab song made precious by the contributions of Mino Cinelu and Jerry Marotta. 

The Arab rock starts here and continues in "Schizzichea with love" ('88), while continuing the collaboration with his friend Massimo Troisi, for which he had already written the soundtracks for "Ricomincia da tre" ('81) and "Le vie del signore sono finite" ('87), before throwing himself into the masterpiece , "Quando", written with his friend for "Pensavo fosse amore e invece un calesse" ('91).

"Mascalzone latino" ('89) is a return to acoustics, including tributes to Magnani ("Anna Verrà") and San Gennaro ("Faccia Gialla"), between "Sambaccussì" and "Carte cartuscelle". A  delicate record and an  important one but also one of transition, while at  the front of the stage he marks the European tour of "The Night of the Guitar" a super group of six-string virtuosos who see the Neapolitan alongside the likes of Randy California, Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Phil Manzanera, Steve Hunter ...

The Nineties are  incumbent with another change of skin and  with another creative breakthrough: “Un uomo in blues" ('91), he knows how to sing with a changing Italy. "'O Scarrafone", denounces xenophobia in the air with humor and rhythm while Mick Goodrick’s guitar flutters in "Che soddisfazione”, also the name of the record. It is a success on the charts and  once again a new appellative  is found for the singer. "Sotto ‘ o sole" ('92) puts the narration of Troisi in "Saglie saglie." Two years later came the boom of "Che Dio ti benedica" with Ornella Muti starring in  the video clip of the song that gives the title of the album-.It became such a remarkable commercial success that Daniele had obtained a new generation of fans  and with him were his special guests: Chick Corea, Ralph Towner and  Bruno De Filippi.

The song form, the choice of Italian as a primary language, a clear mature voice and  the sound of impact are the hallmarks of a new season, and when playing live, lives forever with the old splendor as evidenced by the live "E sona mo" ('94). A pop-rock and instrumental sophistication coupled with involving  texts  about increasingly careful ecological alarm, as confirmed by "Non calpestare i fiori del deserto" ('95) something which–with  the strong contribution by Jovanotti and Irene Grandi –not by chance signals the return on the road of World music between the victory at Festivalbar and the two concerts with Pat Metheny that came after the historical tour with Jovanotti and Eros Ramazzotti.

Pino  is a person of collaborations but he doesn’t do a duet just for the sake of doing one .He has shared the stage and recording studio with jazz greats such  as Luciano Pavarotti , and has increasingly become a sound-writer, often leaving the task of his guitar to speak for him. Noa, Giorgia and Raiz Almamegretta were the guest stars  of "Dimmi cosa succede sulla terra" ('97), performing strong superhits  like "Dubbi non ho" and "Yes I know my way" ('98) revitalizing the old favourite with Jim Kerr of Simple Minds.

"Come un  gelato all’equatore" ('99) and "Medina" (2001) alternate between  Italian and  Neapolitan, love ballads to the more social songs, pop, back from Africa (collaborations by  Faudel, Salif Keta and Lotfi Bushnaq Alongside Peter Erskine, Victor Bailey, Rachel Z, Miriam Sullivan, Mike Manieri) and anti-racist issues in collaboration with band 99 Posse, confirming the interest of being half-black for his nephews and nieces while always intercepting new ideas of quality coming from his native Naples. "Uncle Pino",he is called and Raiz and Zulu with affection which would explain how important his lessons are for the next phase.

"Passi d’autore" (2004) is perhaps the most ambitious of Daniele’s projects. It includes tributes to Che Guevara, Django Reinhardt and Maradona, between world music and a reference  to the madrigals of Gesualdo da Venosa. While critics and nostalgics would nail him to his past, Pino continued to study music, try new ideas and new approaches. "Iguana Café" (2005) is a synthesis explaining the subtitle of "Latin blues e melodie" that incorporates "It's now or never", or "'O sole mio" in a Presley-like version as the single giving him a double Neapolitan-American passport.

But before there had been  another super tour with Francesco De Gregori , Fiorella Mannoia and Ron. That time , it  had  fortunately been recorded on a cd and a dvd showing the four artists exchanging their repetoires which had never been seen before or after in the history of Italian song. 

In “Il mio nome è Pino Daniele e vivo qui” (2007), Tony Esposito returned to prepare the road for a historic event; that of  a triple anthological cd with original pieces ”Ricomincio da 30” cites Troisi and re groups the super group of Tullio De Piscopo, James Senese, Tony Esposito ,Rino Zurzolo, Joe Amoruso and in addition Chiara Civello and Al Di Meola. The Vesuvian Dream Team was reunited  in the new square of Plebiscito on July 8 but this time they were joined by Giorgia, Irene Grandi, Avion Travel, Nino D’Angelo and Gigi Alessio. 

Recent history includes, “Electric Jam” 2009 and the collaboration with the rap of J-Ax. Then a year later “Boogie boogie man” was released with collaborations by Mina, Franco Battiato, Mario Biondi and J-Ax, continuing to revisit excellent past tracks which are always as current as "Napule è" during the amazing live collaboration with Eric Clapton in the summer of 2011 at the Cava dè Tirreni ,the stadium that has seen the protagonist a happy Lazarus many times.

La Grande Madre (2012) is the first album produced by Blue Drag, his own label.

Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 Pino Daniele honours Naples and his fans with a special show at Teatro Palapartenope: "Tutta N’Ata Storia-Live in Napoli" which registers soldout for all the 6 appointments. In this show Pino Daniele gives an overview of the last forty years of Neapolitan music throughout the songs of its protagonists. Pino Daniele replays the shows the next year with 5 events dedicated to Neapolitan progressive music. 

2013 is the year of "Tutta N’ata Storia - Vai Mò  Live in Napoli", an album containing two new songs produced with Phil Palmer and some duets with Giorgia, Irene Grandi and Avion Travel and also the DVD of the historical concert of Piazza del Plebiscito of 2008.

On 10th July 2013 Pino Daniele performed live at "Centrale Live-Foro Italico" in Rome, with a show called "Sinfonico", a special event in which he recalls the most meaningful moments of his long career, for the first time with 50 pieces of symphonic orchestra.

Go Pino go, Vai mò




Una voce, una chitarra e un po’ di blues, di rock, di soul, di funky, di suoni arabi, di radici napoletane, di jazz, di salsa, di samba, di taramblù, quel posto magico dove la tarantella incontra Robert Johnson, ora anche di melòrock.


Pino Daniele?
Il nero a metà, l’americano della nuova Napoli che sognava di veder passare la nuttata, il mascalzone latino, il Lazzaro felice, l’uomo in blues, il musicante on the road, il neomadrigalista, cantautore che negli anni in cui dominava il messaggio non mise mai in secondo piano la musica, pur avendo cose da dire, e che cose.

Giuseppe Daniele, napoletano del centro storico, classe 1955. Oggi che la sua carriera ricomincia da un’indipendenza discografica-artistica a cui ha da sempre aspirato, appare ancor più chiara e ricca e complessa e diversa da qualsiasi routine la parabola che l’ha portato dai vicoli dove non entra mai il sole alle hit parade, l’Olympia di Parigi, Umbria Jazz, l’Apollo di New York, il Festival di Varadero a Cuba, gli stadi di tutt’Italia, l'Earth Day al Circo Massimo, il Crossroad Guitar Festival di Chicago….

A cavallo tra gli anni Settanta e Ottanta Pino inventa una nuova lingua, anzi un lingo, gioca con le melodie assimilate in piazza Santa Maria La Nova, i racconti di munacielli e belle ’mbriane delle zie, il rock e il jazz come sogno americano, il vento di rivoluzione che scuote Napoli negli anni dell'impegno che naufragherà nel disimpegno poi detto riflusso. 

Come Carosone riflette sull’America che è in lui e nella sua musica, utilizzando la rabbia al posto dell’ironia, un piglio da capopolo newpolitano al posto dello sfottò, che pure permea il suo canzoniere da Masaniello ma non troppo. Il suo leggendario supergruppo mostra all’Italia che nella canzone c’è un Sud competitivo, che sa parlare alla nazione intera anche usando il dialetto, segna l’apice del neapolitan power, ma anche la fine: quando il sogno collettivo dell'orgoglio vesuviano lascia il passo alle carriere soliste, Daniele prende il volo, ma ha già scritto pagine destinate a rimanere, fondendo la melodia partenopea con il rock-blues, la canzone di protesta con la saudade del Vesuvio.

Il brano che dà il titolo al suo disco d’esordio, “Terra mia”, del 1977, sta a Partenope come “This land is my land” sta all’America di Woody Guthrie con un'aggiunta di sofferenza e consapevolezza storica che non è mai autocompatimento, ma il brano che apre il disco, “Napule è” è qualcosa di più, il canto di una generazione, l’ultima speranza prima della disillusione, poesia e rabbia, il dolore e il sogno impossibile di una città/nazione salvata dai ragazzini, anzi dai “criature”, dal loro canto ingenuo, pulito. E, sia detto senza dubbio alcuno, una melodia da applausi.

Nel 1979 “Pino Daniele” mette insieme capolavori come “Je sto vicino a te”, “Chi tene 'o mare”, “Je so' pazzo”, “Chillo è nu buono guaglione”, “Ue man!”, “Il mare”, “Putesse essere allero”, E cerca 'e me capì” con un’ispirazione che lascia allibiti per lucidità e varietà: mente la canzone d’autore italiana si piega al messaggio, lui la libera da ogni stilema, rischia le parolacce che lo fanno trasmettere alla radio, parla di diversità e di ecologia prima che i temi diventino di moda. Il

sound è travolgente, attorno a lui i colleghi cantautori puntano solo sulle parole, qui c'è ritmo da vendere, grondano groove imparati nei locali degli americani della Nato a Napoli.

“Nero a metà”, omaggio a Mario Musella e prima autodefinizione in musica, è il disco del grande successo, l’incrocio definitivo tra melodie veraci e richiami rock applicati a raccontare sentimenti come l’”Alleria” o l’”Appocundria”, prima di dichiarare la propria passione: “A me me piace ‘o blues”. Nell’Italia degli slogan politici accompagnati da chitarre scordate, il treno del supergruppo newpolitano fa faville, quel blues latino apre il mitico concerto di Bob Marley a San Siro. L’apoteosi di quella prima stagione, l’apice e la fine di quell’orgoglio napoletano si registra il 19 settembre 1981: piazza del Plebiscito, allora un parcheggio e non certo il salotto buono della città, si riempie di duecentomila persone, nessune se le aspettava, forse è il primo megaconcerto italiano. Tullio De Piscopo, Joe Amoruso, Rino Zurzolo, Tony Esposito e uno straordinario James Senese accendono una notte tenerissima, indimenticabile.

Ma Pino, che pure cattura quella stagione in un altro lp epocale come “Vai mò” (1981) e in brani come “Yes I know my way”, “Viento 'e terra”, “Sulo pe’ parlà” e “Have you seen my shoes”, è talento irrequieto, ha bisogno di guardare al mondo, Napoli non gli starà mai stretta, ma il suo futuro ora è una raccolta impressionante di collaborazioni internazionali, di aperture ad altri suoni, altre storie.

“Bella ‘mbriana”, del 1982, parla di tradizioni dimenticate, anticipa la stagione della world music che sarà, eppure coinvolge jazzisti del calibro di Wayne Shorter ed Alphonso Johnson, continuando a mischiare napoletano, italiano ed inglese: “Tutta ‘n’ata storia” e “I got the blues” si muovono tra monacielli ed antiche leggende della città nata con il canto delle sirene. Due anni dopo, “Musicante” incontra le percussioni brasiliane di Nanà Vasconcelos, la tromba terapeutica di Don Cherry e i suoni d’Africa, senza dimenticare il genius loci di “Lazzari felici” o la capacità di parlare di argomenti-tabù come quelli del contrabbando in mano alla camorra in “Stella nera”. 



Dal vivo, poi, non ce n’è per nessuno, come sintetizza “Sciò live” (’84) che si spara i sassofoni solisti di Gato Barbieri e Bob Berg accanto a una sezione di fiati formata da Larry Nocella, Juan Pablo Torres e Adalberto Lara. “Ferry boat (’95) guarda ancora ai Sud del mondo, balla la “Dance of baia”, fa salire a bordo nuovi sessionmen stellari come Steve Gadd e Richard Tee. Il Festival di Montreux, il Canada, l’Olympia di Parigi, il Festival di Varadero a Cuba e l’Arena di Verona aprono le porte alla corrente del golfo che arriva con Pino, italiano da esportazione, ora anche produttore, di Richie Havens (“Non ci potevo credere, sono cresciuto con il mito di “Woodstock” ed ora lavoro con l’uomo di “Freedom”) in “Common ground” (’83). 

Esplorate le strade del blues, del jazz-rock, di quella che in quegli anni si chiama fusion, Daniele guarda sempre di più ai suoni del mondo, i concerti in Francia gli mostrano che esiste una musica “altra”, lontana dal dominio angloamericano, vicina tra l’altro a quella delle sue radici. “Bonne soirèe” (’87) è un canto latino, mediterraneo, africano, arabo, impreziosita dai contributi di Mino Cinelu e Jerry Marotta. L’arab rock inizia qui e prosegue in “Schizzichea with love” (’88), mentre continua anche la collaborazione con l’amico Massimo Troisi, per cui ha già scritto le colonne sonore di “Ricomincio da tre” (’81) e “Le vie del signore sono finite” (’87), prima di sfociare nel capolavoro di “Quando”, scritta con l’amico per “Pensavo fosse amore e invece era un calesse” (’91).

“Mascalzone latino” (’89) è un ritorno all’acustico, tra omaggi alla Magnani (“Anna verrà”) e San Gennaro (“Faccia gialla”), tra “Sambaccussì” e “Carte e cartuscelle”. Un disco delicato, importante, ma anche di transizione, mentre il fronte del palco fa registrare il tour europeo di "The night of the guitar", supergruppo di virtuosi della sei corde che vede il napoletano al fianco di gente del calibro di Randy California, Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Phil Manzanera, Steve Hunter...

Gli anni Novanta incombono con un altro cambio di pelle, con un’altra svolta creativa: Un uomo in blues” (’91) sa cantare l’Italia che cambia: ”’O scarrafone” denuncia la xenofobia nell’aria con ironia e ritmo, mentre in “Che soddisfazione” garrisce la chitarra di Mick Goodrick e il titolo del disco, un successo in hit parade, gioca ancora una volta a trovare un nuovo appellativo per il cantautore. “Sotto ‘o sole” ('92) schiera la voce recitante di Troisi in “Saglie, saglie”, due anni dopo arriva il boom di “Che Dio ti benedica” con Ornella Muti protagonista del videoclip del brano che dà il titolo all’album, uno straordinario successo commerciale che presenta Daniele a una nuova generazione di fans e con lui i suoi ospiti d’eccezione: Chick Corea, Ralph Towner, ma anche Bruno De Filippi.

La forma canzone, la scelta dell’italiano come lingua principale, una maturità vocale evidente, il sound d’impatto sono le caratteristiche di questa nuova stagione, che dal vivo convive sempre con gli antichi splendori come testimonia il live “E sona mò” (’94). Un pop-rock coinvolgentissimo abbinato a raffinatezze strumentali e testi sempre più attenti all’allarme ecologico, come confermato da “Non calpestare i fiori del deserto” (’95) che – forte dei contributi di Jovanotti e di Irene Grandi - non a caso ritorna sulle strade della world music tra una vittoria al Festivalbar e due concerti con Pat Metheny, che peraltro arrivano dopo lo storico tour con Jovanotti ed Eros Ramazzotti. 

Pino è l’uomo delle collaborazioni, non dei duetti tanto per fare, divide il palco o lo studio di registrazione con i grandi jazzisti come con Luciano Pavarotti, è sempre più un suonautore, lasciando spesso alla sua chitarra il compito di parlare per lui. Noa, Giorgia e Raiz degli Almamegretta sono le guest star di “Dimmi cosa succede sulla terra” (’97), forte di superhit come “Che male c’è” e “Dubbi non ho”, “Yes I know my way” ('98) rivitalizza l’antico cavallo di battaglia con Jim Kerr dei Simple Minds.

“Come un gelato all'equatore” (‘99) e “Medina” (2001) alternano l’italiano al napoletano, le canzoni d’amore a quelle più sociali, il pop al ritorno all’Africa (ci sono Faudel, Salif Keta e Lotfi Bushnaq al fianco di Peter Erskine, Victor Bailey, Rachel Z, Miriam Sullivan, Mike Manieri), ai temi antirazzisti, alla collaborazione con i 99 Posse, a confermare l’interesse del nero a metà per i suoi nipotini, la sua volontà di intercettare sempre le novità di qualità che arrivano dalla sua Napoli. “Zio Pino” lo chiamano, con affetto Raiz come Zulù, a spiegare quanto sia importante la sua lezione anche per le scene successive.

“Passi d’autore” (2004) è forse il più ambizioso dei progetti danieliani, tra omaggi a Che Guevara, Django Reinhardt e Maradona, tra world music e il richiamo ai madrigali di Gesualdo da Venosa. Mentre critica e nostalgici vorrebbero inchiodarlo al suo passato, Pino studia musica, cerca nuovi stimoli e nuovi approdi. “Iguana cafè” (2005) è una sintesi, spiega il sottotitolo, di “Latin blues e melodie” che riprende “It’s now or never”, ovvero “’O sole mio” nella versione presleyana, come singolo, reclamando insieme il doppio passaporto di napoletano d’America.

Prima c’era stato un altro supertour, quello con Francesco De Gregori, Fiorella Mannoia e Ron, questa volta fortunatamente testimoniato da un cd e un dvd, in cui i quattro si dividono e si scambiano i repertori come mai visto prima, né dopo, nella storia della canzone italiana.

“Il mio nome è Pino Daniele e vivo qui” (2007) ritrova Tony Esposito e prepara la strada a un evento storico, quello del triplo cd antologico con inediti “Ricomincio da 30”, che cita Troisi e riforma il supergruppo (Tullio De Piscopo, James Senese, Tony Esposito, Rino Zurzolo e JoeAmoruso) con l’aggiunta di Chiara Civello e Al di Meola. L’8 luglio il ritrovato dream team vesuviano espugna di nuovo piazza del Plebiscito, ma questa volta ci sono pure Giorgia, Irene Grandi, Avion Travel, Nino D'Angelo, Gigi D'Alessio. 

Poi è storia recente tra “Electric jam” del 2009 con il rap di J-Ax e “Boogie boogie man” dell’anno successivo, in cui, oltre all’ex Articolo 31 spuntano Mina, Franco Battiato e Mario Biondi per continuare il gioco delle rivisitazioni eccellenti di un passato che non passa perché è ancora presente, così presente da brillare persino con la griffe di Eric Clapton che cesella alla sua maniera una "Napule è" nell'estate 2011 in quello stadio di Cava de' Tirreni che ha già visto protagonista tante volte il Lazzaro felice.

Poi è il momento del melòrock de “La Grande Madre” (2012), il primo disco prodotto dalla sua etichetta Blue Drag, grazie alla quale il cantautore entra nel novero degli artisti indipendenti. Segue il grande ritorno di Pino Daniele in concerto, con un tour (in teatri e palasport) nelle principali città italiane, in Svizzera e negli Stati Uniti, dove fa registrare il tutto esaurito.

Ed è con le sei date sold out al Teatro Palapartenope, con l’evento “Tutta N’Ata Storia – Live in Napoli” che il “mascalzone latino” fa un regalo alla sua città e al suo pubblico: uno spettacolo nuovo, che parte dalle radici della canzone napoletana per raccontare i vari percorsi artistici intrapresi dai grandi musicisti che hanno fatto la storia della musica moderna “Made In Napoli” degli ultimi 40 anni, come Enzo Gragnaniello, Tony Esposito, Tullio De Piscopo, James Senese, Joe Amoruso e lo stesso Rino Zurzolo. Un evento imperdibile per tutti gli amanti del rock, del blues e del jazz dal sapore mediterraneo, “marchio di fabbrica” che Pino Daniele è riuscito ad esportare in tutto il mondo e a far apprezzare da grandi artisti internazionali, come Eric Clapton, Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny e tanti altri.

Il 22 gennaio 2013 esce “Tutta N'Ata Storia - Vai Mo' - Live in Napoli”, il Cd+Dvd dello storico concerto del con cui Pino Daniele festeggiò i 30 anni di carriera in Piazza del Plebiscito a Napoli (2008): il cofanetto, oltre a 2 brani inediti con Phil Palmer (coproduttore insieme a Pino Daniele), Lucy Jules, Steve Ferrone e Michael Feat, contiene 3 importanti duetti con Giorgia, Irene Grandi e Avion Travel.

Il 10 luglio 2013, presso Il Centrale Live - Foro Italico di Roma, Pino Daniele è protagonista di "Sinfonico", un evento unico dove ripercorre i momenti più significativi della sua straordinaria carriera riletti per la prima volta in chiave sinfonica. Sul palco è accompagnato, oltre che dalla sua storica band, dall’orchestra “Roma Sinfonietta”, composta da un organico di 50 elementi diretti dal M° G.Podio.

Nel dicembre 2013/gennaio 2014 Pino Daniele, accompagnato dalla sua band storica, torna al Teatro Palapartenope con “Napule È - Tutta N’ata Storia”, 5 serate-evento dedicate al progressive napoletano, dove registra ancora una volta il sold out. Una storia musicale e non solo, raccontata insieme agli artisti che hanno reso grande il progressive napoletano e ai giovani artisti che oggi ne proseguono il cammino.

Vai Pino, vai ancora, vai mò.

Pino Daniele - Short Bio

Born on March 19 (full name Giuseppe) 1955 in Naples, Pino Daniele is a self-taught guitarist. He began his career in the 1970s as guitar player in the band Batracomiomachia first and then as bass player in the group Napoli Centrale. His striking debut in the Italian music world was 1977 with the album Terra mia, which proved to be a successful mix of Neapolitan tradition and Blues sounds; this album includes the song Napule è which has become a symbol of Naples to its citizens. In these years his lyrics also attracted critical praise: written and sung in an intense Neapolitan, it contained strong though bitter accusations against the social injustices of Naples, as well as Italian society in general, and included melancholic personal themes. Several of the later songs are characterized by a free intermingling of English, American and Neapolitan passages. 

Daniele's talent was confirmed on his next album, Pino Daniele (1979), perfect mix of jazz, blues and rock music. He scored his greatest success in 1980, with Nero a metà (Half-Black Skinned), which was noted by some authorities as the hallmark of the rebirth of Neapolitan song. In that year Daniele was invited as opening guest singer at the Bob Marley concert in San Siro Stadium in Milan. In 1981, Vai Mo was released; the presence of most renowned Neapolitan musicians as session men in this album has also been widely praised and he has been awarded Best Italian tour of the year and Best Artist - followed by a great concert in Naples with 200,000 people and broadcast by most Italians TV channels. 

In 1982 Daniele gradually shifted to a personal and early version of world music: in Bella 'mbriana musicians such as Alphonso Johnson and Wayne Shorter appeared as guest players. In the following year Daniele held a concert in Havana, and later formed a Latin-American band featuring Juan Pablo Torres, Adalberto Lara and Nanà Vasconcelos. Daniele's skills in creating well-balanced blends of Mediterranean, Blues, rock, music, salsa and Neapolitan melodies are well shown in his first live work recorded on his tour in Europe, Live Sciò, of 1984. That same year, Mel Collins, a member of King Crimson Group, played on Daniele's album Musicante, inviting very talented musicians like Gato Barbieri; Steve Gadd; Mino Cinelu and Richard Tee for the European tour. Later, Daniele collaborated with the American singer/guitarist Richie Heavens on Common Ground, an album written and played together. His interest in Arabic music is emphasized on Bonne Soirée (1987), while the subsequent Schizzechea With Love (1988) was more Mediterranean-oriented. In the same year he started a collaboration with the Italian actor and director Massimo Troisi: Daniele completed the soundtracks for all of his films. 

1988 saw Daniele on tour with: Randy California, Pete Haycock, Steve Hunter, Robby Krieger, Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Leslie West, Phil Manzanera, Jan Akkerman. Mascalzone Latino (1989), a success confirmed by the following albums Un Uomo In Blues (1991) with special guest Mick Goodrick and Che Dio ti benedica (1993), contains two songs produced with Chick Corea. A great CD/Video Live called E ‘Sona Mo was recorded during Pino's acoustic guitar tour, which sold out in all the Italian stadiums. Non calpestare i fiori nel deserto, released in Spring 1995, continues its inspiration of African and ethnic influences. The album reached number one of the TOP Charts and won 8 times platinum. In that same year, he completed 3 Italian tours, the last one of which with Pat Metheny. Dimmi Cosa Succede Sulla Terra, released in 1997, won 10 Platinum Albums. The Best of, released in 1997, won 7 Platinum Albums. The album includes a track with the band Simple Mind. 

In June 1997 Mr. Luciano Pavarotti called Pino to be part of the show Pavarotti and Friends; they sang Napule è together. In 2000, he started a collaboration with BMG label; the first album was Medina in 2001, Mediterranean melody melting with traditional north african music, with the participation of Salif Keita. The project was co-produced by Daniele and Mike Mainieri. A success tour with a female band (Rachel Z, piano; Allison Miller, drum; Miriam Sullivan, bass and Mia Cooper, backing vocals) became a Live album called Concerto - Medina Tour 2010. Passi d’Autore, which was released in 2004 with Peter Erskine Trio (featuring Alan Pasqua and Dave Carpenter), a project fusing latin, jazz and madrigals vocals, won 4 times platinum. 

In 2008, Pino Daniele celebrated 30 years of artistic career with a triple best album, produced with Humberto Gatica followed by a tour with two bands and a celebratory gig in Naples with 200,000 people which was broadcast on TV. In march 2009 has been published Electric Jam, which contains duets with some important Italian singers, such as Mina, J-Ax, Franco Battiato and Mario Biondi. In September of the same year Pino had the honour to play at Apollo Theatre in New York, the first Italian artist being invited to perform at the Temple of American Soul. On April 22, Pino was the headliner for the Earth Day 2010 concert for the National Geographic Channel; broadcasted in 170 Countries in all over the world. Guest musicians on stage with Pino were Omar Hakim, Matthew Garrison, and Rachel Z.

"La Grande Madre" (2012) is the first album produced by Blue Drag, his own label.

Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 Pino Daniele honours Naples and his fans with a special show at Palapartenope: "Tutta N’Ata Storia-Live in Napoli" which registers soldout for all the 6 appointments. In this show Pino Daniele gives an overview of the last forty years of Neapolitan music throughout the songs of its protagonists. Pino Daniele replays the shows the next year with 5 events dedicated to Neapolitan progressive music. 

2013 is the year of "Tutta N’ata Storia-Vai Mò-Live in Napoli", an album containing two unreleased songs with Phil Palmer, some duets with Giorgia, Irene Grandi and Avion Travel and also the DVD of the historical concert of Piazza del Plebiscito of 2008.

On the 10th of July 2013 Pino Daniele performed live at Centrale Live - Foro Italico in Rome, with a show called "Sinfonico", a special event in which he recalls the most meaningful moments of his long career, for the first time with a symphonic orchestra.


Pino Daniele - foto di repertorio

1976 | what happened

Pino was bass player for band NAPOLI CENTRALE and start collaborating with James Senese saxophone player.

1977 | what happened


1978 | what happened

SOUNDTRACKS for the movie "La Mazzetta" Directed by Sergio Corbucci.

1979 | what happened


1980 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Karl Potter, Allan Goldberg.
EVENT: Pino opened the Bob Marley concerts in Italy.
MUSICIAN ON TOUR: Jame Senese, Tullio De Piscopo, Tony Esposito, Joe Amoruso, Rino Zurzolo

1981 | what happened

EVENT:  Live in Naples 19th September, Piazza Del Plebiscito (front audience of 200.000)
MUSICIAN ON TOUR:T.Esposito, T.De Piscopo, J.Senese, R.Zurzolo, J.Amoruso.
SOUNDTRACKS for the movie "Ricomincio da Tre" Directed by Massimo Troisi.

1982 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATION: Wayne Shorter, Alphonso Johnson, Gato Barbieri, Mel Collins.
MUSICIAN ON TOUR: T.Esposito, T.De Piscopo, J.Amoruso, M.Collins, K.Potter, A.Johnson

1983 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Richie Haves, Don Cherry, Nanà Vasconcelos, Don Moy, Billy Cobham
- Pino performed in Gato Barbieri's Album "Apasionado"
- Pino was the Producer of Richie Haves's album: COMMON GROUND
SPECIAL EVENT: Live in Reggio Emilia "VOCI E TAMBURI" Guets: D.Cherry, N.Vasconcelos, D.Moy
MUSICIAN ON TOUR: T.De Piscopo, R.Zurzolo, J.Amoruso, T.Esposito.
SOUNDTRACKS for the movie "Mi Manda Picone" Directed by Nanni Loy

1984 |
what happened
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Trylock Gurtu, Juan Pablo Torres, Adalberto Lara

-Live in Naples at Mostra D'Oltremare
-Live in Havana Festival de Varadero
MUSICIANS ON TOUR: Trylock Gurtu, Mel Collins, Juan Pablo Torres, Adalberto Lara, R.Zurzolo, J.Amoruso, A.Marangolo, Juan P.Torres, A.Lara, Larry Nocella
Other ALBUM RELEASED: SCIO' Live (double CD recorded live during european tour)

1985 |
what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: FERRYBOAT (certified Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Steve Gadd, Mino Cinelu, Bernard Laviglie, Richard Tee
EVENT: Tour in France with Bernard Lavigliee

EVENT: Concert "MARENOSTRUM", Sardegna with K.Potter, N.Vasconcelos, A.Marangolo, R.Zurzolo, L.Nocella, K.Potter and Guests: NCCP, Irachele, Antonello Salis
MUSICIANS ON TOUR: S.Gadd, E.Vitolo, R.Zurzolo, M.Cinelu, Juan Pablo Torres, Adalberto Lara

1987 |
what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: BONNE SOIREE  (certified Golden Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Pino Palladino, Jerry Marotta, Chriss White, Jeremy Meek, Danny Cummings, David Clayton, Randy Crawford.

MUSICIANS ON TOUR: C.White, J.Meek, D.Cumings, D.Clayton, A.Marangolo, B.Illiano
SOUNDTRACKS: Original Soundtrack of movie "Le Vie del Signore sono Finite" Directed by Massimo Troisi.

1988 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: SCHIZZECHEA WITH LOVE, has been certified Platinum Album
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Linda Wesley, kevin McAie, Greg Jackman, Sarah J Morris.
SOUNDTRACKS for the movie "Se lo scopre Gargiulo" Directed by Elio Porta.

1989 |
what happened

EVENT: "NIGHT OF THE GUITAR" Pino Daniele, Randy California, Pete Haycock, Steve Hunter, Robby Krieger, Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Leslie West, Phil Manzanera, Jan Akkerman

1990 |
what happened

-Pino was produce of Roberto Murolo's album " ROBERTO & FRIENDS"

what happened

ALBUM RELEASED:UN UOMO IN BLUES - certified Platinum Album
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS:Mick Goodrick, Harvie Swartz, Gary Chaffee, Alfredo Paixao, Loredana Bertè.
EVENT: Pino performing  in Milano with Tower Of Power
ALBUM RELEASED: SOTTO 'O SOLE - certified Platinum Album
SOUNDTRACKS for the movie "pensano fosse amore invece era un calesse" Directed by Massimo Troisi.
AWARD: best Soundtracks song for tunes "QUANDO"

1992 | what happened

EVENT: Live in Rome PINO DANIELE with CHICK COREA & the Electric Band
EVENT: Pino performed in Viareggio with YellowJacket

1993 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: CHE DIO TI BENEDICA (certified Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Chick Corea, Ralph Towner, Jimmy Earl, Carol Steel, Vasco Rossi, Bruno De Filippi.
-Pino performed in Vasco Rossi's Album "Gli Spari Sopra" song "Hai Ragione Tu"
LIVE: " Tour E Sona Mo'" only Pino Daniele on guitar and Carol Steel on percussions.
AWARD: Pino received Italian Award "Telegatto" for Career.
ALBUM RELEASED: E SONA MO' (Recorded Live guitar and percussion at Stadium Cave De' Tirreni, concert Sold-Out)


1994 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Eros Ramazzotti, Jovanotti
Live TOUR '94 in the Stadium: Pino Daniele, Eros Ramazzotti, Jovanotti, "IN CONCERTO"


1995 | what happened

MUSICIANS ON TOUR: Rita Marcotulli, Jimmy Earl, Lele Melotti, Ernestico, O. Baldassari.


1997| what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: DIMMI COSA SUCCEDE SULLA TERRA (has been certified Multi-Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Giorgia, Noa, Gino Vannelli, Hossam Ramzy, Deron Johnson, Rachel Z.
-Pino was the Producer for Giorgia's Album "Mangio Troppa Ciccolata"
AWARD: Pino won the italian singing competition programme "Festivalbar"


1998 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: YES I KNWO MY WAY - THE BEST OF (has been certified Multi-Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Simple Mind, Peter Erskine, Al Di Meola
EVENT: Concert in Napoli at Stadium San Paolo; Musicians: L.Melotti J Earl, H Ramzy, Rita Marcotulli, FM Colasanti; Guests: Jovanotti, Raiz


1999 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Aron Ahmman, Jean Philippe Dary, Mick Glossob


2001 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED:MEDINA (certified Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Salif keita, Faudel,  Lofti Bushnaq, Nabil Khalidi, Mia Cooper, Victor Bayley, Omar Faruk Tecbilek, Miriam Sullivan,
MUSICIANS ON TOUR: Rachel Z, Mia Cooper, Allison Miller, Miriam Sullivan.


2002 | what happened

EVENT: Tour "IN TOUR" with Francesco De Gregori, Fiorella Mannoia, Ron
ALBUM RELEASED: IN TOUR (DVD+CD With F.De Gregori, F.Mannoia, Ron)


2003 | what happened

Original Soundtrack of toon movie "OPOPOMOZ" Enzo D'Alò

2004 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED:PASSI D'AUTORE (certified Multi Platinum)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Alan Pasqua, Dave Carpenter
EVENT: European Tour with band and 4 Madrigal Choirs

2006 | what happened

MUSICIANS ON TOUR: , Alfredo Paixao, Alfredo Golino, Gianluca Podio.

2007 | what happened

MUSICIANS ON TOUR: Alfredo Golino, Rino Zurzolo, Ernestticco Rodriguez, Gianluca Podio.

2008 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: RICOMINICIO DA 30 (certified Platinum Album)
EVENT: Live in Napoli broadcast by RAI television, Pino performed with his old bands made by Napolitan Musicians.

2009 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: ELECTRIC JAM (certified Platinum Album)
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Vinnie Colaiutta, Nathan East, Greg Mathieson, Humberto Gatica, Steve Ferrone, Matthew Garrison.
EVENT: Pino Daniele for the First Time in The USA at Apollo Theatre, NY (sold-out)
LIVE: EJ European Live TOUR with Matthew Garrison, Alfredo Golino/Steve Ferrone, Gianluca Podio.
AWARD: Pino receives "Award for platium Album" at Wind Music Award.
SOUNDTRACKS: Original Soundtrack of Documentary "NEGLI OCCHI" Giovanna Mezzogiorno

2010 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: Mina, Franco Battiato, Mario Biondi, J-Ax; Solomon Dorsey, Omar Hakim.
EVENT: Pino performed at The Crossroad Festival in Stadium of Chicago
-European and US Live TOUR with Hakim, Rachel Z, Solomon Dorsey, Gianluca Podio
-Second Time Live in Apollo Theatre, NY (sold-out) and then Washinghton DC (sold-out)
AWARD: Pino receives "Award for Career" at Wind Music Award.

2011 | what happened

EVENT: PINO DANIELE & ERIC CLAPTON performing in Stadium of Cava De Tirreni (Italy) benefit concert in aid of Children - Band: Steve Gad, Willie Weeks, Chris Stainton.

2012 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: First independent Album: "LA GRANDE MADRE"
CURRENT COLLABORATIONS: John Turturro, Willie Weeks, Chris Stainton, Lakecia Benjami,.
EVENT: Special Event for Christmas Time: Pino has created Festival of Neapolitan Progressive, 6 Shows in Palapartenope.
MUSICIANS ON TOUR:with Omar Hakim, Rachel Z, Solomon Dorsey, Gianluca Podio.
AWARD: Honour received "Award for Service to Humanity" at Wind Music Award 2012

2013 | what happened

CURRENT COLLABORATIONS:Phil Palmer, Marcus Miller,  Lucy Jules, Micky Feat.
LIVE: Tour on Festivals with Tullio De Piscopo, Rino Zurzolo, Elisabetta Serio.
performing one more time New York, then Boston, Toronto, San Francisco.. all sold-out.
EVENT: Pino Daniele Sinfonico, One Concert in Rome with 50 pieces of Synphonic Orchestra;
EVENT: Special Event in Naples for Christmas Time: II° Edition Festival of Neapolitan Progressive Music


2014 | what happened

ALBUM RELEASED: NERO A META' Special Extended Edition
LIVE: Tour With 1980s band members  of album "Nero a Metà"
EVENT: Concert in Arena di Verona with 50 pieces of Synphonic Orchestra and 1980s band members.
AWARD: Premio Mediterraneo for "Art and Creativity"
AWARD: Music Award For 1980s album "Nero a Meta" 
Work in progress, check the "notable news" on top




Pino Daniele - TERRA MIA
Pino Daniele - PINO DANIELE
Pino Daniele - NERO A META'
Pino Daniele - VAI MO'
Pino Daniele - BELLA 'MBRIANA
Pino Daniele - MUSICANTE
Pino Daniele - SCIO' (Live)
Pino Daniele - FERRYBOAT
Pino Daniele - BONNE SOIREE
Pino Daniele - UN UOMO IN BLUES
Pino Daniele - SOTTO 'O SOLE
Pino Daniele - E SONA MO' (Live)
Pino Daniele - THE BEST OF - Yes I Know My Way
Pino Daniele - MEDINA
Pino Daniele - CONCERTO
Pino Daniele - Daniele, De Gregori, Mannoia, Ron, IN TOUR
Pino Daniele - PASSI D'AUTORE
Pino Daniele - IGUANA CAFE' - Latin Blues e Melodie
Pino Daniele - RICOMINCIO DA 30
Pino Daniele - ELECTRIC JAM
Pino Daniele - LA GRANDE MADRE
Pino Daniele - TUTTA N'ATA STORIA - Vai Mò - Live in Napoli
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